O preço do Bitcoin Up caiu mais de $2.000 de sua alta de 2020 e está atualmente lutando para manter o apoio acima de $10.000. Ou o contrário, e os touros têm defendido corajosamente o nível de apoio chave nos períodos de tempo diários? O zoom mostra mais um novo teste crítico em andamento, e […]
MONI expands its operations in Colombia’s fintech sector to encourage the innovation of business models under the „Chain of Blocks“. The Argentinean digital blockchain „MONI“, announced its expansion throughout Latin America by starting operations in the Colombian fintech market, with the aim of attracting clients among a large number of people from the under-banked segments […]
Silk Road, the forerunner of virtual traffickers – For many years, the darknet black market, Silk Road, was a big part of the development of Bitcoin Revolution. This allowed the purchase of contraband products via the Tor network, completely anonymously. Its founder, Ross William Ulbricht, was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in August 2014. […]
Abchazië, het zelfbestuurde maar betwiste gebied van slechts 245.000 mensen dat tussen Rusland en Georgië is ingeklemd, heeft zijn tweejarige verbod op de winning van cryptocurrency opgeheven. Het verbod werd van kracht in december 2018, nadat een golf van mijnbouwactiviteiten de regio met een energiecrisis had opgezadeld. Nu is de regering bezig om de industrie […]
Yuri Molchan Il tasso di hashish di Bitcoin Era ha raggiunto un altro massimo storico, dopo il precedente massimo storico di agosto circa alla stessa ora, il che significa che la rete BTC rimane forte Bitcoin (BTC) Hash Rate Spikes to New All-Time High di 133,7 EH/s Immagine di copertina su stock.adobe.com Contenuti Il tasso […]
One more for DeFi – After SUSHI, HOTDOG and YAM, here is Pickle Finance and its PICKLE token. This new protocol aims to take advantage of farming to make stablecoins more stable. The culinary challenge The phenomenon is nothing new. Creating a protocol using the name of a food or dish is starting to become […]
The use of crypto-currency as a method of payment varies greatly from country to country, and also from crypto-currency to crypto-currency. So far, their most popular use is as an investment asset or store of value. But, in South Korea, things are moving in a different direction, since they can now use Bitcoin to pay […]
Binance annonce le lancement de son contrat à terme sur marge perpétuelle Bitcoin Lifestyle avec marge de pièces de monnaie perpétuelle prévu le mardi 11 août 2020 à 7 heures GMT. Selon l’article de blog publié, les traders peuvent tirer parti de leurs positions sur les contrats à marge de pièces BTC / USD jusqu’à […]
Questi flussi di truffe a sorpresa ricevono migliaia di spettatori Il co-fondatore di Apple, Steve Wozniak, si è unito ad altri 17 querelanti in una causa contro YouTube e il suo genitore Alphabet per aver permesso alla dilagante truffa a tradimento di Bitcoin di usare le sue immagini e i suoi video per attirare potenziali […]
Die Finanz- und Bankenwelt nähert sich mehr und mehr der Welt des Kryptomoney, jeder Schritt ist bedeutsam. Daher ist es gültig, dass wir das letzte Kommuniqué über den Präsidenten des Federal Reserve Board auf AMERIBOR, unterstützt vom Blockchain Ethereum, noch einmal Revue passieren lassen. Kürzlich kommentierte Jerome H. Powell die Vorteile, die AMERIBOR als Ersatz […]