Monat: Oktober 2020

O preço do Bitcoin Up caiu mais de $2.000 de sua alta de 2020 e está atualmente lutando para manter o apoio acima de $10.000. Ou o contrário, e os touros têm defendido corajosamente o nível de apoio chave nos períodos de tempo diários? O zoom mostra mais um novo teste crítico em andamento, e […]
MONI expands its operations in Colombia’s fintech sector to encourage the innovation of business models under the „Chain of Blocks“. The Argentinean digital blockchain „MONI“, announced its expansion throughout Latin America by starting operations in the Colombian fintech market, with the aim of attracting clients among a large number of people from the under-banked segments […]
Silk Road, the forerunner of virtual traffickers – For many years, the darknet black market, Silk Road, was a big part of the development of Bitcoin Revolution. This allowed the purchase of contraband products via the Tor network, completely anonymously. Its founder, Ross William Ulbricht, was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in August 2014. […]
Abchazië, het zelfbestuurde maar betwiste gebied van slechts 245.000 mensen dat tussen Rusland en Georgië is ingeklemd, heeft zijn tweejarige verbod op de winning van cryptocurrency opgeheven. Het verbod werd van kracht in december 2018, nadat een golf van mijnbouwactiviteiten de regio met een energiecrisis had opgezadeld. Nu is de regering bezig om de industrie […]