Bitcoin logo adorns Swiss National Bank

A huge Bitcoin logo was projected onto the Swiss National Bank in the centre of Zurich. A photo of the building appeared on Twitter.

Bitcoin attracts attention

The projection is to be the work of the National Bank’s new neighbours, Trust Square. They have recently moved in opposite. Trust Square is a blockchain hub introduced earlier this month.

Trustsquare focuses on researching and developing applications on the blockchain. The facility provides space for 200 workstations where start-ups and investors can explore the impact and applications of the revolutionary new technology.

The tweet with the picture was published by Johannes Gees. The picture shows a huge orange Bitcoin logo:
Ist that a #bitcoin on the @snb Swiss National Bank? Trustsquare rules!

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The PR stunt is another sign that Switzerland is taking a leading role in blockchain and crypto currency technology. The nation is already home to several digital currency-oriented start-ups. The Swiss city of Zug has even been referred to as the „Crypto Valley“. Over 200 companies researching technological innovation are based in the small mountain community.

To push Bitcoin into the public eye in this way is great for the leading digital currency. Such PR stunts help change the perception of Bitcoin. For years, the digital currency has been wrongly associated with cybercrime and terrorist financing.


Unfortunately, many still think that Bitcoin is only an instrument for illegal purposes. This impression is mainly due to the fact that many have raised money from Bitcoin for the first time in connection with the Darkweb or to finance terror.

Not the only PR – Stunt

A similar advertising stunt was recently unveiled in another European centre for crypto-currency activities. A monument with the Bitcoin logo was erected by artists Aleksander Frančeškin and Selman Čorović in the Slovenian town of Kranj in March this year. It was allegedly paid by Bitstamp. Bitstamp was founded in Slovenia and today has its headquarters in Luxembourg. The monument proudly stands in the centre of a roundabout in the heart of the city.

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The first #blockchain monument in the world will be uncovered tomorrow in Kranj, Slovenia. Sponsored by local @Bitstamp and @3fs. #bitcoin #crypto

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In Paris, the French street artist Ludo has meanwhile created a mural depicting Bitcoin’s rise from the death of paper money.