Cardano (ADA) Transaction Volume Rises 51.42% in January!

• The Cardano Foundation has shared statistics reflecting increased transactions across the board on the network.
• A notable increase was attributed to the volume of Plutus Scripts, showing a 6.08% increase and bordering 5,000 smart contracts on the network.
• Recent events and developments include the Vasil hard fork upgrade and the launch of Cardano’s overcollateralized Djed stablecoin.

Cardano (ADA) On-Chain Statistics for January

The Cardano Foundation has revealed an increase in transactions across its public blockchain platform from January, with notable growth in native tokens, transactions, wallets, Plutus Scripts, and policies. Additionally, transaction types were divided into 31% for smart contract transactions, 46% for simple transactions, and 23% for metadata transactions without smart contracts; Plutus Scripts saw a 6.08% increase to nearly 5,000 smart contracts.

Price Increase

The price of Cardano (ADA) has increased 51.42% from January 5th 2023. This could be indicative of future global adoption of similar protocols as more people become aware of their potential use cases within a blockchain environment.

Recent Events & Developments

Events before January 2023 saw a series of upgrades on Cardano’s network such as the Vasil hard fork upgrade launched on September 22nd 2022 to enhance smart contract capabilities. Additionally, Cardano’s overcollateralized Djed stablecoin officially launched on January 31st 2023 accumulating 29.9M ADA in base reserves less than a week after launch with a 652% reserve ratio at time of writing.

Network Outage

On January 22nd 2023 however there was an outage where 50% of nodes went offline for a short period before automatically restarting due to what developers called “a transient anomaly” causing disruption to users but no data loss or theft reported by IOG founder Charles Hoskinson who assured community members this “blip” was not malicious in nature nor did it affect security or reliability long-term..


Overall these various developments have helped propel Cardano (ADA) from being #10 by market capitalization on December 31st 2022 up to #8 today indicating increasing interest in its underlying technology as well as speculation about its future potential value as more users adopt its services worldwide